5 Things You Should Always Have in Your Bag!

One of the things I’m often asked about is what are my go-tos for styling in the go. While we hope that our outfits work in the real world as much as they do when we look in the mirror, little things happen, and you find yourself needing a quick fix! Here are the five things I always carry in my handbag to make sure no wardrobe malfunctions spoil my day!


I always carry a small travel sewing kit to be prepared for a missing button or to close up a slightly looser wrap top. I like to have neutral-coloured threads, a sewing needle, and a couple of safety pins on me for those unexpected mishaps! If you’re not too handy with a sewing kit, pins and some double-sided tape work as well!


On a similar note, I make sure to always carry a stain remover pen. After all, no one wants to be stuck walking around with a coffee spill on them! This is also really handy on shoots to make sure all garments are photo-shoot ready.


In case of shoe-related mishaps, I always have a few band-aids in varying sizes in case a new pair of shoes get a little uncomfortable. If I know I’m going to be in heels all day, a great tip I’ve picked up is to have a pair of gel inserts on hand just in case!


I’m often running between meetings and appointments, and I don’t always have time to change between, so I always carry a statement lip colour to elevate my look at a moment’s notice! If a bolder hue isn’t to your taste, invest in a good taupe-neutral.


Lastly, I like to carry a few blotting papers to touch up on long work days – especially if I’m working in studio or backstage. I don’t like to wear foundation, so I take extra steps to ensure my skin stays clear.


What do you have as your go-to handbag inclusions? Let me know in the comments!






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